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Let's Begin the Process of Designing and Building Your Custom Pool!

Adding a pool to your home or property is a major investment. Our goal is to guide you through each step of the process—all the way from the design phase to enjoying that first swim.

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Phase 1

Consultation – After initial contact, a salesman will schedule an appointment to meet at your property. This will allow for an opportunity to identify the type, size, and style of pool that best fits your needs.

3-D Rendering – Following your initial consultation, you will be provided with a 3-D Rendering to assist you in the visualization of your backyard oasis. At this stage you will correspond with the designer and salesman to make needed adjustments or desired changes.

Phase 2

Selections and Contract – After approval of the final design, we present a contract detailing the specifics of your project. A design consultant will guide you in the process of choosing selections based upon the parameters of your agreement.

Permitting, HOA Approval, and Layout – Once the deposit has been remitted, the construction team will begin the process of obtaining the required permits and HOA approvals. A layout of the pool will be placed at the site based on the dimensions of your design. This allows you to visualize the actual size and shape of the pool prior to excavation.

Phase 3

Start Construction: Framing, Excavation, and Steel – First, the perimeter of the pool will be framed and then excavation will commence. This entails heavy machinery that is used to remove rocks, soil, and other debris from the future pool site. The length of time is dependent on the soil quality and amount of rock at your property. Once the excavation is complete, steel is added to provide a structurally sound foundation for the pool that will last.

Phase 4

Sub: Plumbing and Gunite – The pool will then be plumbed to include drains, skimmers, auto-fill, returns, overflow, water features when applicable, etc. Bonding is also completed at this stage. After the completion of sub-plumbing, an experienced team of professionals will install the gunite using high-powered hoses and skill trowel application to form the shell of the pool.

Phase 5

Tile and Coping – After the gunite has a minimum of three days to cure, the tile and coping will be delivered to your property. Our talented masons will begin the installation process, and your unique design selections will begin to materialize. 

Deck – The area surrounding your pool can be constructed of many different materials, including decorative finished concrete, stone, or even an overlay that is manufactured to stay cool on the hottest days. Construction will begin on the equipment pad and any other structural features (outdoor kitchens, etc.). 

Phase 6

Equipment and Plaster – Once the decking has been completed, the equipment will be delivered to your property and installed on the equipment pad. Our crews will also begin to clean the interior of the pool and jobsite to prepare for plaster application. A team of skilled professionals will arrive to apply the selected interior finish to the gunite shell. Once the plaster application is finished, we will begin filling your pool. This process time can vary based on the water source chosen. The client will then be instructed to brush the pool for the following seven days to maximize the beauty of your water color and appearance of the plaster.

Phase 7

Orientation – Pool ownership can be a daunting process if not properly trained on the proper usage of equipment and methods of maintenance. At a time convenient for you, one of our technicians will join you at your property to assist you learning how to properly operate your equipment and maintain your pool chemistry. Any pertinent warranty manuals will also be provided at this time.

Phase 8


Ready to Get Started

So are we. Give us a call at 830-632-2286 or simply fill out our contact form. Our team is standing by to help you begin the process of fulfilling your outdoor living dreams.

Logo, Hanalei Pools - Building Custom Luxury Pools in the Texas Hill Country


From start to finish, such an amazing experience. We had an idea. They knew how to make it happen. We love our pool!

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The process begins with design. OMG! From imagination to reality, there's no better company to help you transform your dreams into backyard family fun.

The Process - Hanalei Pools - Building Custom Luxury Pools in the Texas Hill Country

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